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Non-transitional cell carcinoma only partly explains adverse survival outcomes in females with T1–T4 bladder cancer: A summary of UK epidemiological data

Journal of Clinical Urology, Volume 10, Issue 1_suppl, Page 14-18, January 2017. <br/>
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Experience with 32 Pelvic Fracture Urethral Defects Associated with Urethrorectal Fistulas: Transperineal Urethroplasty with Gracilis Muscle Interposition

Pelvic fracture urethral defects associated with urethrorectal fistulas are rare and difficult to repair. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of transperineal urethroplasty with gracilis muscle interposition for the repair of pelvic fracture urethral defects associated with urethrorectal fistulas.
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Clinical implications of stent culture in patients with indwelling ureteral stents prior to ureteroscopy

To determine the ability of urine culture (UC) to predict stent culture (SC) status and associated infectious pathogens, and evaluate the association between SC and post-ureteroscopy sepsis.
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