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Offers: Notable Critique Panel and Speakers

• The Seminars host a notable critique panel that dissects each talk
• Experts in urological fields share their knowledge
• Panel awards top speakers at the banquet ceremony

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A RCT to compare two scalable interventions for LUTS prevention: Main outcomes of the TULIP Study

To compare two-year urinary incontinence (UI) and urgency scores of older women who attended a two-hour bladder health class (2hrClass) versus those who viewed a 20-minute abbreviated class video (20minVideo) for the purpose of UI prevention.
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FGFR3, TERT and OTX1 as urinary biomarker combination for surveillance of bladder cancer patients in a large prospective multicenter study

Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) patients are followed with frequent cystoscopies. In this study FGFR3, TERT and OTX1 are investigated as a diagnostic urinary marker combination during follow-up of patients with primary NMIBC.
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Re: Predictors of Spermatogenesis in Radical Orchiectomy Specimen and Potential Implications for Patients with Testicular Cancer

O. Shoshany, Y. Shtabholtz, E. Schreter, M. Yakimov, H. Pinkas, A. Stein, J. Baniel and S. Golan
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Re: Depolarization of Sperm Membrane Potential is a Common Feature of Men with Subfertility and is Associated with Low Fertilization Rate at IVF

S. G. Brown, S. J. Publicover, S. A. Mansell, P. V. Lishko, H. L. Williams, M. Ramalingam, S. M. Wilson, C. L. Barratt, K. A. Sutton and S. M. Da Silva
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Re: Increased Antimüllerian Hormone Levels and Other Reproductive Endocrine Changes in Adult Male Relatives of Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

L. C. Torchen, A. Kumar, B. Kalra, G. Savjani, R. Sisk, R. S. Legro and A. Dunaif
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